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Gianni Lucchesi

Pisa, Italy

Gianni Lucchesi - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

Gianni Lucchesi was born in Pisa in 1965.

He began his artistic activity in 1985 and took part in several exhibitions and events of both national and international importance, such as the Berlin Art Fair and the Casablanca Biennial of Contemporary Art in Morocco.
In 2006 he received the Cisdac International Prize for Contemporary Art in Rome.
In 2012 he exhibited at the first international biennial of contemporary art in Casablanca.
In 2016 he began his collaboration with Vittorio Sgarbi exhibiting works at the Museum of Madness in Palermo, in 2017 in Salò, in 2018 in Naples and in 2019 in Lucca.
In 2018 and 2019 he worked for the Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico collaborating with the artistic director Alberto Bartalini curated by Carlo Alberto Arzelà.
He won several contemporary art competitions and realized important public artworks, such as: the monument to Sandro Pertini in Savona, the sculpture Homage to Writing in Tabucchi Park (Vecchiano-Pisa), and the installation Operae placed first at the Fuori Salone in Milan 2023 and later in Piazza De Ferrari in Genoa with Galleria Studio Rossetti.

Lucchesi’s work has always been moved by the attempt to visually translate the re ections generated by the psyche investigation, by the single individual emotional states, in relation with himself, with the others and with the surrounding environment.

Through the use of visual metaphors drawn on universal languages and resulting from an artistic and spiritual research, emotions take form and color.
One of his reference codes is earth, interpreted as underground, as a metaphor of the emotional strati cation of the observed subjects: earth as an interior landscape and roots as the subject’s essence.
A line, for graphic design or painting, is the edge between interior and exterior, free to mix and to be contaminated on different grounds as in “Ambienti interiori”. The places where his artworks come to life are chosen with care. Whether the evocative depth and charm of such places is due to nature or the product of man’s work does not matter, as long as they possess the suggestive power to encompass the new art, the new interpretation of human sentiment.
In his paintings, he exploits the natural behavior of the materials, as essence rather than representation; their compatibility or chemical intolerance is a metaphor for emotions.
In sculpture, the basement is not a support but a space, sometimes obtained from the removal of volumes from a monolith, sometimes built as a box, an interior stage. The iron, concrete or ceramic monoliths accommodate little bronze shapes that take metaphorical poses, attitudes or intentions, an external manifestation of their inner world.


Rossetti Contemporary Art was born as a space of inspiration for innovative offers, in which interior design and artistic projects combine to emphasize customers’ personalities and to create a final elegant fusion between each artwork and its spatial destination.

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