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In March 2021, the Studio Rossetti Gallery opened its new space “Studio Rossetti Underground” in Genoa, located below the main gallery, with the intention of returning to us a hitherto hidden beauty.

The ancient vestiges, brought back to light respecting the designs and elegant architecture of origin, are now reborn to new life: remote charm and mystery are perfectly blended, guarding the roots and secrets of the historic Palazzo Saluzzo above, a building included in the famous list of palaces inscribed in the Rolli of Genoa (UNESCO Heritage).

Everything here speaks to us of a past that was memorable and that leaves the baton to Rossetti Arte Contemporanea in a harmonious dialogue between what has been and what will be.

When we face the slow descent we have time to prepare ourselves emotionally as before a plunge into the deep.

Capitals, cross vaults, arches and pillars create masterful intersections and paths and lead us to the artworks on show.