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Creative synergies: weaving together spaces, artists and styles.

The Gallery is committed to weaving meaningful relationships with partner galleries, architecture and design studios, cultural institutions, universities, and creative labs, in Italy, Europe and around the world to create a connective tissue in the contemporary art world.
We firmly believe that through synergistic collaborations we can amplify the reach of art and, at the same time, make a contribution to creating and strengthening ties between organizing entities.
Partnerships are carefully selected to ensure that each shared project reflects our commitment to innovation, creativity and excellence.
In this synergistic context, each collaboration becomes a shared success story, where the sum of the parts generates superior value. Exhibitions resulting from partnerships are conceived as immersive experiences that go beyond mere visual contemplation. They turn into sensory and emotional journeys that invite visitors to fully enter the world of art, stimulating open and constructive dialogues.

The Partnerships


The collaboration with De Jorio Design studio stems from the desire to also become a place of inspiration for innovative proposals in which interior architecture and artistic design combine to enhance the personality of the customer, with a view to a final elegant fusion between each work and its spatial destiny.

The Partnerships

The Meltin Pop

The literary blog that is passionately devoted to all cultural issues related to society and territory. Stories and tales, travels and territories, interviews and news.
The Meltinpop: finding your way in the labyrinth of kaos.

The Partnerships