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Davide Puma introduces his new works

(reading time 1’.25’’)

Davide Puma presents us his artwork “The precious garden,” realized in the past month and now on show at the Rossetti Arte Contemporanea gallery.


“The gardens presented two years ago, on the occasion of the exhibition at your gallery, had chromatics that played a lot on warm colors and there was not this contrast between warm color and cold color. Here, however, I really feel that I am creating strong contrasts between the two tones, and there is a very baroque composition. Obviously I studied Baroque painting, especially Tiepolo and Tiziano. There is a use of greens in the sky coloring, which is a color that I’m really getting into now, always mixed with blue. Then there is a desire to decontextualize some subjects that belong to nature: the flowers are flying, there are spheres that make the atmosphere more dreamy, more magical. Then there are pictorial licenses that I took, in this case to create a small starry sky or add geometric lines, which serve for a compositional and allegorical discourse, to strengthen the language of painting. The subject does not, therefore, follow a narrative totally toward nature, but it is toward the painting, which represents nature.”


“This change coincides with an inner, personal change inside me. I always think that the color scale coincides with an emotional scale that we have inside of us. So the very arrangement has changed, there has been an emotional shift, and consequently the colors also change. Rightly so, I think the artist who is listening and connecting with himself cannot help but bring himself back to the canvas, either chromatically or with the choice of subjects.”


“I have always said that my gardens are from another dimension, I paint Eden. In the gardens of a few years ago there were more shy presences, small birds. Now I’ve started to put large, foreground animal elements, as if they were gatekeepers at the entrance to a portal that transports to another dimension.”