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“Deep Down” by Silvio Porzionato

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“Deep Down” by Silvio Porzionato

25 March 2021 @ 19:00 - 25 April 2021 @ 21:00

Studio Rossetti Gallery hosts, for the first time in Genoa, Silvio Porzionato, an artist discreet in personality but with a powerful echo that travels all over the world.
Of international breath and fame, after having participated in the most famous and influential exhibitions, and after having held exhibitions in the most avant-garde cities and capitals, he arrives in the Ligurian capital.

In the exhibition “deep down”, Porzionato presents unpublished paintings specially designed and for this special occasion the Studio Rossetti inaugurates the new space “I Sotterranei della Galleria”, located underneath the Gallery, with the intent to give us back a beauty until now hidden.
The ancient vestiges, brought to light respecting the designs and elegant architecture of origin, are now reborn to new life: remote charm and mystery are mixed perfectly by preserving the roots and secrets of the historic Palazzo Saluzzo above.
Everything here speaks to us of a past that was memorable and that leaves the baton to Studio Rossetti in a harmonious dialogue between what has been and what will be.
When we face the descent we have time to prepare ourselves emotionally, as before a deep dive, to immerse ourselves in the silent, intimate and magical atmosphere of the rooms that host the exhibition.

Silvio Porzionato wanted to dress the walls with “clothes” made to measure and suitable for such a jewel. Capitals, cross vaults, arches and pillars create crossroads and masterful paths and lead us towards his works which are endowed with an instinctive magnetic force and radiate the surrounding darkness.

Of an “ancient” romanticism, the scenic spectacle, which opens in front of our eyes, is a curtain that reveals faces that tell intriguing stories, whisper us their emotions and trigger others, intense, within us.
The characters described by the artist remind us of the majesty of Greek comedies, the personality of Aristophanes’ actors, in the colors and energy of the shapes and poses.

Painted with soft but vigorous brushstrokes like the beating of butterfly wings, they delicately rest on the canvas and fly into the environment until they envelop us.
The vibrant colors determine the charge of the figures, they are ironic but dramatic at the same time.
The end result is a shock to our visual perception and our soul.

Although intimate, in the dimension of the portrait, the subjects are represented with spontaneity, in fleeting poses, but they are able to generate such an empathy between us and them that we think we have already met them.
They tell us about their lives that seem to intertwine with ours.
They leave us with the desire to listen to the story of their lives and their experiences.

Although Porzionato’s seems to be “realism”, given by his ability to render details and paint with skill and mastery, his creative gesture starts from the representation of people and then loses the physical and anthropocentric dimension and touches metaphysical worlds.
The colors and shapes are not only objective, but expressive tools that have the intent to address us of the warnings, messages: we do not remain stationary and static in front of reality, but we travel and space by being transported into another dimension, emotional and spiritual, in a dance with eyes closed.
Porzionato’s paintings are to be looked at in the silence of the soul to get into their world, which seems to be dancing, and to perceive the symphonic notes that emerge from the canvases: an infinitely sweet eurythmy subdues and leaves a persistent memory, even after the visit.
A memory that, instead of fading, becomes intrusive with a symphony of sensations.



25 March 2021 @ 19:00
25 April 2021 @ 21:00
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