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“Melting Point” by Andrea Savazzi

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“Melting Point” by Andrea Savazzi

6 October 2022 @ 20:00 - 5 November 2022 @ 20:00

Ancient and modern, decay and rebirth, nature and urbanization, movement and immutability.
These are the topics addressed in “MELTING POINT”, an exhibition by Andrea Savazzi.
The vast environments represented by the artist are abandoned places in a surreal but apparent state of freezing.
A vital glow erupts.
They are constructions in which matter, now apparently worn and crumbled by the passing of time, retains a strong energy. Where nature, alive in silent movement, prevails and regains its own spaces.
Places of a past that want to be the protagonist of the present too, undergoing the influences of contemporaneity.
Places that belong to the industrial era and take us back to that generation that lived through the post-World War II economic boom. The people who witnessed the moon landing, a pivotal moment which set the country on the road to modernization.
However, nowadays they no longer represent the present in which we live.
These iron and concrete giants become the unwitting “shelters” where new generations furtively express their thoughts and feelings, anxieties and fears.

An abandoned yet still existing past combines with modernity and allows for other manifestations to revive through the lively expression of nature and contemporary street art.

Andrea Savazzi succeeds in bringing together all these elements of equal value and authority with great skill. Savazzi manages to bring them back to the canvas, showing evident artistic maturity.
The image, in his earlier works deliberately blurred, is now powerful and metaphysical.
Moisture stains on a wall, a face or a symbol, small alterations that never disturb the composition and urge the viewer to identify the ultimate and absolute essence of reality beyond its relative determinations.
Savazzi’s canvases become a melting point of two very different moments and eras.
One is about to run out and the other to take over.
They live and coexist in the present and have become complementary.
Beauty and harmony arise precisely from this perfect and spontaneous balance.
A balance of contrasts, destined to change and evolve.

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6 October 2022 @ 20:00
5 November 2022 @ 20:00
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