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The divine mechanics

29 April 2022

A conversation between Davide Puma and Dr. Sara Taglialagamba 

In Davide Puma’s artistic journey, it is customary for science and poetry to merge into a single overall vision, creating a powerful and entirely personal language. Their divine resonance transforms visions into images, creating a cosmogony of energy, elements, matter, and atoms that, colliding with each other, catapult the viewer into an ideal world entirely dominated by nature populated by metamorphic animals under the protection of primal goddesses.

This is the theme of the exhibition: in line with a philosophical thought rooted in antiquity, Puma proposes the idea of a universe understood as a living organism in continuous becoming and the result of mechanical iteration between elementary particles. It is precisely through reflection on the theme of movement, change, and the incessant transformation of nature that the artist succeeds in shaping his personal intuition of the world and contributing to the unceasing learning of that “mechanics  of the universe,” which is the basis of all his paintings. This divine eurythmy manages to materialize in his gardens, which become ideal and idealized places of creation, stripping themselves of their figurative meaning but dressing themselves in the role of archetype. In Puma’s mind, his gardens are the place where the matrix symbols of the universe are manifested: they are the places inhabited by his creatures that take on continuous metamorphoses, charging themselves with hidden meanings and allegories; they are the places of revelation of his thought under the unchallenged dominion of Queen Mothers of nature and all the elements.

Sara Tagalialagamba

An Art Historian, PhD and Post PhD (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Sorbonne, Paris), she has been a historical collaborator of Professor Carlo Pedretti, the world’s foremost Leonardo da Vinci scholar and holder of the Chair of Leonardo Studies at UCLA Los Angeles. She has taught at prestigious institutes in Italy and abroad, publishing monographs and articles and receiving awards of the highest caliber. His favorite fields of study are static and dynamic mechanics, automations, robotics, engineering, hydraulic and pneumatic contrivances, fountains, and horology. His first book, “Automations and Robotics of Leonardo da Vinci,” published in 2010, received an honorable mention from Scientific American magazine in an article on some automata built at Nasa. In addition to being involved with numerous international conferences and on the scientific committee of important exhibitions in the year of celebrations for the five hundredth anniversary of the death of Leonardo, she has the book Leonardo Industrial Designer coming out where she studies a new theme marked by the combination of beauty and utility. She was invited as a TED SPEAKER in Bergamo. Already a visiting professor at the Robotics department of UNAM in Mexico City and at UCLA (Los Angeles, USA) and a scholarship holder at the Museo Galileo in Florence, he is currently director of the Nuova Fondazione Rossana e Carlo Pedretti and is an associate professor at the Department of Philosophy and History of Science at the University of Urbino. He loves contemporary art and is responsible for organizing events, exhibitions and meetings at prestigious historical, public and private institutions.

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29 April 2022
Event Category:
Davide Puma, Sara Taglialagamba


Galleria Studio Rossetti
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Rossetti Underground
Via Chiabrera, 7
Genova, (GE) 16123 Italia
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