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Sylvia Catasta

Fermo, Italy

Sylvia Catasta - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

Sylvia Catasta was born in Fermo (Marche region, Italy).

The artist graduated at the same time both in Restoration at the Isdaf “U. Preziotti” and in Flute at the Conservatory “G. B. Pergolesi”. She was soon invited to take part in collective art exhibitions in the Marche region, obtaining good reviews and portrait commissions, until the music brought her elsewhere.

After moving to Milan to pursue her music studies, she began a career as a flutist and “ottavinista” in the most prestigious classical orchestras, such as La Verdi in Milan, Teatro alla Scala, the Orchestra Internazionale d’Italia, whilst still collaborating with the most famous pop/rock artists as arranger and conductor (for instance, during the Festival of Sanremo 2020).

During these years, she has been continuing to portray, until 2017, when painting returned overwhelmingly in her life.

In December 2018, several of her works were exhibited at the Galleria Mario Giusti HQ in Milan, and in May 2019 one of her artworks was sold by Sotheby’s.
Value, intended as a moral and intellectual measure, is the concept built around each artwork, more or less explicit.

The cycle of clouds arises from the need to fix a light, a color, the instant of wonder that makes us ignore time, bringing it back to sensations, memories, sounds.
In a synesthetic parallel where form is melody, Sylvia’s clouds are a celebration of the sound mixture, of color as the light that creates images and emotions, always subjective and individual.

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