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Lorenzo Cecilioni

Lorenzo Cecilioni - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

Lorenzo Cecilioni, an artist from Pesaro, currently lives and works among the hills of his homeland.

When he first encountered art, Lorenzo, intrigued by the idea of plastic-emotional creation, was immediately interested in unraveling the secrets of the ductility and malleability of matter. With mastery and skill, with voracity and patience. He makes installations, assemblages and painting-sculptures with a peculiar and modern personal style. From his uncle Franco Bucci, a prominent figure in the world of international ceramics, he is oriented toward a non-ordinary production of the artistic object and a constant and stubborn search for the cleanliness of forms and the elegance of colors as well as material signs.
The uniqueness of the work translates for the artist above all into experimentation. And, indeed, he operates by “solve et coagula.” His workshop is almost an alchemical cavern in which the artistic work receives tactile connotations through the skilful selection of different primitive, “poor” and sometimes unusual materials, transformed and altered in a constant transmutation. Nothing is repeatable.
The gesture and the material become the protagonists of an action, sometimes playful, in which the raw elements are cut, twisted, bent, polished or even led to rust. With lucid boldness and delicate diligence.

Matter, in this way, reveals itself, makes itself felt, loses or gains lightness, yields or acquires spaces, planes and dimensions.

Like that of time, the time between act and revelation of effect. For Cecilioni’s art is often anticipation and manifestation, the manifestation of a creative act with almost chemical connotations. And here the creation of the work occurs by reaction of the substances used, such as the combustion of wood or the oxidation of iron through the use of salt. The latter, the main essence of life and an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the artist, is spread in wide backgrounds on which other elements, such as burnt wood, lead, iron, marble and terracotta, intentionally take their place. Salt also offers suggestions of distant worlds, such as the coppery desert of Namibia and the white Arctic moors of the North, and of precious embroidery, composing itself into singular lace.

The creative idea, under the fruitful government of instinct and inspiration, gradually takes shape and charm, visually becomes dynamic substance and becomes experience. It finds, in short, fulfillment. Nothing is placed by chance. The artist consciously seeks “from matter pictorial chords.” It, transforming itself, emerges and captivates.

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