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Antonella Cinelli

Teramo, Italy

Antonella Cinelli - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

Antonella Cinelli was born in Teramo in 1973.

After graduating from the Liceo Artistico, she graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, where she currently lives and works.
Protagonist of the artistic movement “New Italian figuration”, with her refined painting the artist investigates the multiple expressiveness of the human body.

“The characters investigated deal almost exclusively with the female universe and the bodies portrayed are striking for their realism in detail but at the same time contain an aura of poetry, of dream, of invention that lies as much in the colors as in the choice of shots.
In the physicality she narrates, through perspectives and cuts of rphotographic nature, sensuality and beauty evocative of seduction and desire triumph.
In her paintings, the body also gives way to the investigation of the face and the gaze, that become the protagonists of the questioning addressed to the mirror of the soul.”

(Umberto Palestini – Giordano Bruno Guerri)


Rossetti Contemporary Art was born as a space of inspiration for innovative offers, in which interior design and artistic projects combine to emphasize customers’ personalities and to create a final elegant fusion between each artwork and its spatial destination.

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