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Elias Naman

Yabroud, Siria

Elias Naman was born in Yabroud (Syria) in 1980.

He graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Damascus, then he got to Italy in 2003, where he attended the Academy of Carrara. In 2009, in Carrara he obtained a four-year degree and in 2011 the specialization in sculpture with full marks.
He favors the figurative style, working marble exclusively by hand without the aid of machinery, like Michelangelo used to do over five hundred years ago.
His method traces both tradition and classicism, by directly starting from the block of marble without the mediation of a model or drawings.

“Elias Naman considers marble as a living and emotional substance. A voice to listen to and to move directly to the soul, in order to combine the spirit of classicism with the deepest emotional impulses.
As a matter of fact, whether he engraves and models the statuary white of Carrara or the Bardiglio gray, symphonic voluptuousness come out of his hands, combining the spirit of classicism with the emotional impulses generated by the state of grace of all times.
His activity can be truly considered “heroic”, since he is not afraid of soliciting memories of ancient draperies with his gesture, but he addresses the rest of the story, not to the concreteness of the represented figure, but to the nostalgic escape of a dream to pursue during an aerial evolution that ideally continues beyond the work.”

(Elisabetta Buttiglione)


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