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Roberta Ubaldi

Terni, Italy

Roberta Ubaldi - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

Roberta Ubaldi was born in Terni , she currently lives and works in Narni Scalo (Tr).

The continuous search for different materials has currently led her to use iron sheets in which the oxidation created by time overcomes the status of mere support to become an essential part of the pictorial work. Her love for the human body leads her to depictions that, starting from a still intentionally figurative matrix, seem to want to conceal themselves within a weave of oxidation.

“Rust, that derogatory term, which I turn into an image of beauty! I love the light lines embroidered on the metal surface, those warm colors, that perfect metaphor for the change that time exerts on everything.

The choice of sheet iron, its change accelerated by my intervention and partly driven by the material I put in contact with, are the perfect visualization of transformation.
Parts of bodies generated by the degradation of the surface and the magic of painting, giving volume to two-dimensionality, are visualized sensations and important stages of my path. When I feel that a single brushstroke can ruin the harmony of the composition I fix it with opaque resins.
I delude myself to stop the change, and for a time I will surely succeed; but as Jorge Luis Borges said, “Always is a word that is not allowed to men.”

(Roberta Ubaldi)

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