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Michela Crisostomi

Terni, Italy

Michela Crisostomi - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

Michela Crisostomi was born in 1976, in Terni (Umbria region – Italy) where she currently lives and works.

Her paintings are marked by a figurative poetics in favor of female body and faces. These impudently sensual nudes, in their softly plastic structure, are pervaded with subtle eroticism, interacting with a backdrop suitably worked with putty and resins, scratched plaster, sometimes applying metal inserts.

The artworks of Michela Crisostomi, representing subjects captured in intimate moments and languishing abandonment, are characterized by a personalized classical composure rendered with elegance by emotional nuances, in a dimension of lyrical intensity.

The woman is interpreted as an evocative figure, an influence that the artist assimilated drawing live nude during the Academy years, a woman who communicates through the anatomy of her back, who conveys through a glance in the shadows, the woman conceived as the seed of life, of creation, the woman as an evocative figure who is the origin of everything, the woman in harmony with the world where everything is created and completed.

“My paintings are walls, I like to conceive the artwork this way and think that the figures are imprinted.
They are orphans of old frescoes, which belonged to successive layers of plaster, overlapped and incomplete, partly lost, with the presence of metal that sometimes remains residual.
Figures that belonged to another time and another space, trapped in the old walls, scratched and worked by time”.

(Michela Crisostomi)


Rossetti Contemporary Art was born as a space of inspiration for innovative offers, in which interior design and artistic projects combine to emphasize customers’ personalities and to create a final elegant fusion between each artwork and its spatial destination.

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