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Ponte San Pietro - Bergamo, Italy

Bernardo Peruta - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

Born in Ponte San Pietro (Bergamo) on 24 July 1973.

From 1992 to 1996 he attended and graduated from the Castellini School of Plastic Arts in Como. In 1997 he continued his training course with a well-known portraitist specialized in figurative painting, deepening the technique of oil painting. From 2004 to 2006 he spent an artistic experience in Nice. Since then there have been personal and collective exhibitions in Italy, France, Belgium and Germany.

Currently he collaborates with several galleries thanks to which he is present on the international market by participating in events, fairs and exhibitions both personal and collective.

The artist represents the idea that reality cannot be defined with a simple frame but changes according to the point of view, the light and other conditions.
He focuses his research on the human figure by revealing shadows and lights that can only be understood through an indefinite space.
The peculiarity of his works is that they are three-dimensional; they are painted entirely by hand with a mixed technique on micro-perforated aluminum sheets then superimposed on canvases also painted with colors or geometries, creating a variable image depending on the position in which the observer is.

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Rossetti Contemporary Art was born as a space of inspiration for innovative offers, in which interior design and artistic projects combine to emphasize customers’ personalities and to create a final elegant fusion between each artwork and its spatial destination.

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