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Tom Porta

Milan, Italy

Tom Porta - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

Tom Porta was born in 1970 in Milan, where he currently lives and works.

Since childhood, he has shown a strong attitude towards drawing and the arts in general. He graduated as Master of Art and started a successful career in illustration and photography.

He had been living in Italy, Germany, France, Japan and the United States and, since the very beginning of his career, he chose to merge his life experiences with his own painting.

Since 2003, Tom has been painting full-time, putting aside illustration and photography for a while, entering in important collections as well as auctions such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Ranked as one of the top 100 Italian artists, Porta was invited to participate in the 500 years of Italian painting, a collection presenting artworks from the late 1500s until today.

His work focuses on the history of the 20th century, using the past as a mirror of the present, as shown in his highly successful cycle “Shinpu Tokkotai Project” Inspired by Japanese Kamikaze. The artist is also fascinated by time flowing, its sign on objects, the consumption it impresses during its journey. There is no casual observer and the distraction is literally pulverized by the power of the pictorial stroke, by the choice of subjects, the shots, the colors as vital breaths.
At the end of a 4-year long journey, in 2010, he arrives for the fifth time in Milan with the exhibition Agenda III, made up of 27 paintings hitting the USA too, obtaining truly flattering success.
The artist journey continues, attaining at what is his own natural harbor: the worst of man inventions, the WAR. He puts it into practice with the project W.A.R. – We Are Restless, the unheard soldier scream.
In September 2011 Porta was invited by the Venice Biennale, curated by Professor Sgarbi, during the latest artistic selection hosted by the city of Turin.
2014 is the American year: Porta lands with a great success in California.
Tom Porta returns to Genoa after the 2019 Metropolis exhibition, at Studio Rossetti, and W.A.R. – We Are Restless of 2011 at Palazzo Ducale.

20 artworks on show, specifically conceived by the artist to drive the audience inside the history of Japan during the 1900s.


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