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In the artist’s canvases there is always an element of hope […] they suggest to us a story that has yet to be written, an “other” key that emerges through the different interpretive levels of the work, a “verdad muda” that presses inexorably for a voice.

Sylvia Catasta - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

In a synaesthetic parallel, where shape is melody, Sylvia’s clouds are a celebration of sonic impasto, of color as light that creates images and emotions that are always subjective and individual.

Lorenzo Cecilioni - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

Gestures and matter become the protagonists of an action, sometimes playful, in which raw elements are cut, twisted, bent, polished or led to rust. Matter, in this way, reveals itself, makes itself felt, loses or gains lightness, yields or acquires spaces, planes and dimensions.

Paolo Ceribelli - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

The artist demolishes the boundaries that exist between form and its conceptual content. Objects that refer to a very specific imagery are unhinged from their conventional meaning, and their forms exploit the shadows that three-dimensionality imposes to untie themselves from a common interpretation.

Antonella Cinelli - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

The desire to capture the complexity of human nature, in the intimate expression of the passions of the most contemporary humanity: men, women, children, are told through the investigation and observation of conflicts, dreams, relationships toward the self and toward the other. (Mark O. Avvisati)

The introspective verism of Michela Crisostomi, configures the photographic identity of the subject, with the choice of the close-up so as not to lose the psychological seal of truth. The autobiographical instance is recognized in the need to restore a sense of the “face” beyond the apparent fold of the “portrait.” (Duccio Trombadori – art critic)

Francesco De Molfetta - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

De Molfetta has always created his art works guided by an innate sensitivity and the flicker of an irony that is never gratuitous but thoughtful, in order to remove the veil from the contradictions of an age, ours, that is increasingly convulsive.

Objects that become vehicles, spokespersons for broader expressions: they are the bridge between a society based on consumption and one in which is the consumption of thoughts that counts, where what is pressing to nourish is not only the body but also the soul. (Adelaide Santambrogio)

With the irony and elegant essentiality that has always been his signature style, Lucchesi contrasts the behavior of man and animal, their opposite reactions and their different relationship to their fellow creatures.

Elias Naman - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

“I have always been fascinated by Italian sculpture from the Renaissance onward. I also work by hand because of an ideological issue: I make art aimed at man, and to get to man I don’t need the use of machines, but only the direct relationship with the material.”

Gianluca-Patti - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

An eclectic and sensitive artist, he possesses the innate ability to create a synergistic link between matter and color. His practical knowledge of building elements and his ability to create balanced and intense colors leads him to create striking material, visual and sound compositions.

Bernardo Peruta - Rossetti Arte Contemporanea

Reality cannot be defined by a simple frame; it changes depending on the point of view, light and other conditions.